2020 Fall Virtual Show

Please contact your Stanz Sales Consultant for show details.

Or, click HERE to request information.


Bookings Accepted:
Tuesday, September 8
Wednesday, September 30

Orders Delivered:
Monday, October 12
Saturday, November 28
(7 weeks)

As a courtesy, most customers will have a "Pre-Booked" order created based upon last year's purchases. You can work with your Sales Consultant to add to or modify this order. You are under no obligation to take delivery of items on your show order. All show orders must be accompanied by a valid customer signature to be eligible to receive Show Allowances. Show allowances will be accrued for all booked show items that have been delivered and invoiced during the show delivery period and customers will receive a check or credit on account for all accrued allowances at the conclusion of the shipping period. (Please allow 10 to 14 weeks for processing). For more information, talk to your Stanz Sales Consultant.