Introducing a REVOLUTION in
Foodservice Delivery!

Starting on APRIL 1, 2014, Stanz Foodservice customers can choose a new delivery method... our all new Dedicated Remote Over- Night Expediting System!

Our fleet of remotely-controlled airborn delivery vessels will deliver your food and food related items directly to your business in half the time it used to take!  How fast, you ask?  How does 600 miles per hour from 20,000 feet sound?  NOW THAT'S FAST!

Plus, by utilizing our patented STANZitron laser guidance system, accuracy is guaranteed!  Take a look at the video below, showing us delivering 2 cases of green beans via DRONES...

Another Satisfied Customer!

Operators are standing by!

Imagine the thrill of watching a squadron of Stanz DRONES delivering a week's worth of supplies to your establishment!  Foodservice delivery will never be the same!  Never.  Ever.