Stanz PowerThought
Drawing upon the success of PowerNet (our online ordering system) and Stanz Mobile (our mobile app), Stanz Foodservice is excited to announce our latest technological breakthrough... PowerThought! 


Developed with guidance from industry leading IT professionals, well respected psychics, and a mid-level swami (do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a good swami in Northern Indiana??), PowerThought is the next evolution in foodservice ordering. 

No longer will you be limited to placing an order with a Sales Consultant in person, speaking to a Customer Service Representative on the phone or managing your account 24 hours a day with PowerNet or Stanz Mobile. Now, all you need to do is THINK about your next order and PRESTO! you're done!

How it works...

Step One
Consult with your coworkers.

Step Two
Transmit your order telepathically.

Step Three
Our specially trained clairvoyants receive your order.